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Latest Exchange Rates: 1 Polish Zloty = 0 Venezualan Bolivar

PLN (Polish Zloty) is the currency of Poland having subunit groszy and symbol is zl. ISO ALPHA-2 code of Poland is PL, ISO ALPHA-3 code is POL , ISO Numeric code is 616 and dialing phone code is +48. It is located in Europe code (EU) and it's capital is Warsaw. Area in Square Kilometer of Poland is 312685.0sqkm and Population is 38500000. Languages spoken here are Polish.

VEF (Venezualan Bolivar) is the currency of Venezuela having subunit céntimo and symbol is Bs.. ISO ALPHA-2 code of Venezuela is VE, ISO ALPHA-3 code is VEN , ISO Numeric code is 862 and dialing phone code is +58. It is located in South America code (SA) and it's capital is Caracas. Area in Square Kilometer of Venezuela is 912050.0sqkm and Population is 27223228. Languages spoken here are Spanish.

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1.00 PLN = 0.00 VEF

Exchange Rates : Mon 18 Feb 2019 14:10:42

PLN - Polish Zloty

Country : Poland
Region : Europe
Sub-Unit : groszy
Symbol : zl

VEF - Venezualan Bolivar

Country : Venezuela
Region : South America
Sub-Unit : céntimo
Symbol : Bs.

5 Year Graph of PLN to VEF Currency Exchange Rate.

5 Year Graph of PLN to VEF  Currency Exchange Rate Today.

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